Monday, April 4, 2011

saya lupa

life is not necessarily need to be happy
the sorrows that we feel
the sadness
it's part of our journey

as a human being
tipulah if i said that i never feel sad
never feel hopeless
i'm just a human being
merely a human being

i watched a video
showing a boy and a girl
battling and struggling to live their life
and i was like where they get all these strength to keep living
and i forgot
that we were just like them before

back then in our childhood years
we never knew how to give things up
never knew how things hurt
never ever say no even we failed like whole lot

all we did just try a lil bit harder
for each and every time we failed
even lots of tears dripping through our cheeks
even lots of scars in our body
yet we move on

i am forgetting all these things
and becoming like so distress with my life
playing with dejections and sorrows
like there's no way for me to move just a step forward

He will always by my side
He will never leave me alone
and He knows what are the best things for me
so there's no such reason for me to be sad
no reason for me to say no
because His love always with us through thick and thin



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