Sunday, April 3, 2011

teguran itu..

memberi teguran atau menegur ada caranya
let say if you made some mistakes
and suddenly
one of your friends come to you
and speaks like hell
"wei mangkuk! ko ni bongok ke apa wat kerja macam tu"
and of course
you as a human being will feel like
WTFB for that person to say those things to you

terutamanya kalau menegur benda yang sensitif
it's true that what's wrong is always wrong
but, to make people listen is by tackle them
bukan la ngorat
tapi you need to know them well
only then barulah boleh nak masuk jarum (u know what i mean?)

i give you an analogy
if you were to enter someone's house
firstly you must greet the person
and then
you will take your shoes off
and you enter when they asked you to do so
after that
they'll asked you to have a sit and drinks
that's how things work

you don't simply enter their house without permission
and you don't enter their house with your shoes on
you get what i mean?

respect people
so when you give them advices
at least
they take your words even if you can't change them
it's better than nothing

i still remember back than in 2006
one of my peer was very mad to a guy that give her some so called advices
she was like totally freaking mad to that guy and said
" aku dah hidup 17 tahun dengan cara ni dan kau perlukan lagi 17 tahun untuk ubah hidup aku"
and being there
i was petrified and stupefied of course to listen such things from my own friend
but Alhamdulillah
all she needs is just a suitable approach
and she changed in less than a year because of the correct approach

it's good for us to correct others
but do think of suitable approaches

may Allah ease our way
may success always with us
insyaAllah and wallahu'alam


  1. yes, i agree. sometimes when the approach is not right, we don't feel like changing. even when the approach is very soft and good to hear, still people won't listen. it's not easy la... even the Prophet used the most gentle way but still, many opposed...

  2. yup jannah
    that's so true
    tp most of us tak macam tu
    bila kita rasa kita bagus, kita ada tendency untuk kind of poyo..

    moga Allah jauhkan sikap mazmumah dari diri kita