Thursday, May 19, 2011


last week went to dentist (as what is stated on previous post)
doctor took a look on my opg
and she said that my tmj kinda pelik??
idk how pelik is pelik
i always have problem with my tmj
and that's a fact

after being given a splint
still nothing change
and to make it worse
become more painful
and was advised not to wear it for the time being until instructed to do so

i just knew that for some university that has matriculation program
if they learn all the four subjects namely physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics
the pointer will count on three best subjects
how am i not knowing this kind of things?
pathetic me i guess

tak sabar mahu start clinic cons..........

tetiba teringat time first year dulu ada seorang trainee lecturer ni marah kitorang cakap
with your pointer ni you all tak layak enter dental faculty
is that so
just wondering la kan
rezeki itu di tangan Allah
bukan pada pointer tamhidi
buktinya walau org tu dapat rendah pointer tamhidi, tapi degree dia perform
tak tahu la if it's applicable dekat doc tersebut punya u
no further comment

doakan segalanya dipermudahkan

ustaz saya sakit
doakan beliau

thanx semua :)


  1. aah kak. klu asasi kat u lain dia kira 3 best subject je.


    siap cmpur dgn arab+englis+blablabla lagi kan...

  2. yup..
    then tetap jugak ada certain lecturer tu yg suke kondem students usim..katanya pointer rendah la.. bla bla bla...

    with overall pointer of 3.3 something, kita boleh dpt dlm 3.7 plus plus if we took 3best subject...
    beza sgt kn

    but, it makes us different and tougher i guess