Wednesday, May 25, 2011

manusia...apa nak jadi???

tadi masa i tengah duk sibuk-sibuk berfacebooking
my mum sembang-sembang dengan i
she said that yesterday she went to her previous school which just in front of our house to meet some of her friends (we live in quarters)
and she told me that a day before yesterday
several couples were caught during having sex behind one of the teacher's houses
and i was like what on earth of them doing so
plus it is inside school compound
the girl got the chance of running and she is a form one student
while the boy, the third former students unfortunately was caught in birth-suit

it is pathetic to hear things like this to happen
i cannot imagine how the parents would feel to hear this thing happen in their family
in school
it just so pathetic
apalah nak jadi dengan dunia ni
and the teachers also informing my mum that at the students' port of having sex party
they write comment about what they were doing
and one of the first former girl student was caught because her name is written repetitively by the guys
and when the teacher asked her what happen
she just answer it with
"dah diorang nak, saya bagi yang terbaik la.."
she just 13 yet she said it like she is a pro

ya Allah
apa nak jadi lah dengan dunia ni
dengan Allah tak takut
dengan manusia apatah lagi
yang tak tahan tu
boleh berbangga bila buat maksiat

ya Allah
jauhkan kami dari menjadi manusia yang berbangga dengan kemungkaran
jauhkan kami dari menjadi manusia yang menolak kebenaran
jauhkan kami dari menjadi manusia yang mengamalkan maksiat
jauhkan kami dari fitnah dunia dan dajjal

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  1. bahaya la budak2 zaman skrng. pengaruh tv dan internet. pilih kawan pun nak kena berpada jugak...