Friday, May 20, 2011

water it is...

one day during past professional exam's study session (it was before clinical examinations)
i felt kinda dizzy
sure it is not a pleasant feeling during examination time
i prefer not to take drugs for pain unless it is severe as for less than a year i've took so many NSAID that i think it would damage my liver happily if it's not being controlled
so, for the sake of my examination
i think it's better for me to take 2 tablets of PCM 500mg
it was somewhere around after zohor
i took the PCM and went to the fridge to take a glass of water when i suddenly realize i didn't drink even a sip of water yet for that day
and i just left my PCM on the table and rehydrate myself with a glass of water

i can't really remember when did i started to reduce water intake
i guess it happen when i first living in hostel back then in 2002
and the habit is being maintained ever since then :(

i need to get rid of this not taking water habit

idea(s) anyone
help me
i- i don't forget to drink water
ii- i drink enough plain water

satu lagi
mana nak cari decaff pny coffee ek?

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