Friday, May 27, 2011

what the heck???

i really do hate people that g-pang
for god sake
do they people know that each and every responsibility will be asked on the judgement day?

ada seorang hamba Allah ni
he was promoted
but due to his greed
he wanted to be promoted to other position
which then require him to do more job
(the former job was done by a woman and she got herself promoted and this guy is thinking of replacing her position)
and he got it
but the idiotic guy since for ever never done his job
being lazy and always skip his job
yet again being idiot
try to act clever by "doing" others job
it was and still pathetic!

and there another him
also being idiotic
and with title of i shouldn't mention
being idiot and stupid like hell
claiming things were wrong
which actually he because being idiot
didn't realize that he is cleaning up his closet
again pathetic human being

for god sake
you are being paid for what you work for
so each and every cent that you eat in which you didn't do your job, Allah will asked you later
and remember
you use the money to fed your spouse and child
may it does not become something we don't want it to be

i've bump into several people that have this attitude
and tbh i don't feel like working with them again
and if i were able to choose
certainly will say no to them

i'm tired working with people that do nothing
and at the end
they claims like they were doing things since for ever

and one more
i know you are clever
i know you do things nice
i know you are rich
still you don't have the right to say others stupid
you don't have the right to condemn others as if you are perfect
spell it P.E.R.F.E.C.T dear
and guess what??
you are not
not perfect
neither cool

i know i'm being cruel
i know i'm being mean
but sorry to say
this is reality

it can't be helped

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