Monday, May 16, 2011

the people

there's always the people behind every single things that we do
sometimes helping
and sometimes disappointing

no matter how hard for it to be endured
how hard to be faced
just let the people be

they would not get any benefits of our actions

i'm pissed off with so called friend in elective topic selections

if you think my choice is easy and lame
so, it's lame and easy for you
i don't ask your opinion
so don't talk to me like i'm dying for telling you my choice

lucky you i'm not cursing you and slap your mouth as i wanted to do it for quite long time

it's the principle of autonomy here i'm talking about
sukahati tok nenek aku la aku nak buat apa
as if i would ask your parents to support my choice

being patient with you for quite sometimes
and hope it wouldn't end up with me saying a lot of impolite words upon you

i make it clear here that i prefer our relationship is maintained as what it is
and i don't wish you to cross the line and so do i
i don't want the hatred seeds to something that is worse

i know
my bad
i just can't stand this kind of human

ok fine
kalau kamu tak boleh stand dengan saya pun tiada masalah
kita manusia
we can't like everybody
and we can't make everybody to like us
that's fact

nota mouth mirror: it's not good for underestimating others

nota tweezer: sometimes you should know when people not expecting you to react

nota probe: careful what you'll make others feel

nota examination tray: i'm not being cruel.. but this is not the first time for the people to do this and i'm not the only person to feel this

nota apa-apa sahaja: abaikan post ini because it's not you

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