Thursday, May 19, 2011


last week went to dentist
cheh..padahal tingkat atas lecture hall je pun
was complaining of pain????
on transillumination..macam ada crack line kat 21
on radiograph..crack line kat 11
so, the conclusion is.....???

the pain is.....
if in the medicine and surgery posting
bila bagi pain scale to the patient
0 to 10
0 is no pain
10 is the most severe pain or can be equal to toothache or pain on giving birth (exclusive for mommies la)
dah tu
if kt dental clinic
nak analogikan sebagai apa???

because no evidence based
was concluded as hypersensitivity
and was advised to use tooth mousse (camni ke eja dia?)

i really like the malaysian dental students group in fb
it's fun to get know students from other institutions
looking forward to seeing the dental students all over the world :)

for god sake
kinda annoyed with notifications yg bertimbun from former schools pny group
sometimes they post something which really stupid like
malam ni tak jadi futsal sebab ..... and ..... are busy
sunyinya sini harini
apasal tak update status korang (merujuk pada manusia yg bercouple)

oh god..
tempat public
and if it meant for alumni
tak payah la nak cite pasal nak futsal ke apa ke
tolong ek

nota k-file: i kena cari tooth mousse kat pharmacy

nota gates glidden bur: bila agaknya i nak completekan treatment RCT gigi 35 ni?

nota barbed brooch: bila agaknya i nak remove the impacted third molars ni? sometimes they are annoying..

nota h-file: submandibular lymph node is tender..either because of impacted 8 or ada pulpitis kah? or tonsillitis again???

nota apex locator: i hope the pain go for good

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