Sunday, May 22, 2011

reason for not giving up

"I have nobody close to me to be my heroes to look up to in my recovery process,
because they succumbed to cancer.
i lost my grandparents to it.
i understand if they didnt have enough motivation to continue life, to fight cancer.
they've had and achieved everything in their lives.

but me,
i'm 20! ive achieved, NOTHING at all in my life.
i know i still have a long way to go ,
and i wont give up until i win this.
i'm not born a quitter, and i have my reasons to continue this life.

i'm diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer,
with very little chance of living

BUT WHO CARES WHAT STAGE IM IN and what percentage i have left!
you're not God, dont make easy assumptions predecting my lifespan."

one of the inspiring words that i've found during blogwalking

it's true

al-fatihah to the owner of these words
may Allah bless her

no reasons for giving up!

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