Thursday, November 12, 2009


dear friend,

i'm so sorry...
i'm truly sorry
for words that came out from my mouth
which i suppose to think it twice before i said

i'm so sorry,
and i'm really sorry...
i don't have any intention to hurt your feelings
i also don't have any intention to liken you to what i've said
the words just came out and i know, you were hurt (and you might still hurt right now)

i'm so sorry
and i really mean it..
i know that you were mad (and perhaps you still mad)
yet,i really didn't mean for what i've said at that time

i'm so sorry,
i'm very sorry...
i'm really feeling like a **** (and maybe you want me to)
and i suppose i deserve it

i'm so sorry,
i'm truly sorry...
i wish i can change the past
i wish i never said those words
i wish it never happen

i'm so sorry
i'm truly sorry....
i love you my friend and i hope that you will forgive me
and just accept the facts that i'm an idiot sometimes

please do forgive me...
i feel bad upon this thing..

please help me...

please accept my apology...

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