Saturday, November 14, 2009

which one is more dominant?


dah 2 minggu rupanya sem2 2nd year ni...
yang bestnya...
sem ni xperlu bersusah payah
n xperlu juga berhempas pulas untuk belajar bahasa
banyak jugak self-study (walaupun waktu self-study selalu burn untuk optech)
dan lain-lain lagi...

i like creative thinking and problem solving...
i don't know why...
but i like it
(maybe coz it has something to do with our brain, our mind)

and during our first lecture,
we had been taught about:
right and left hemisphere of the brain
(dah pernah belajar pun sebelum ni kat subjek lain)

so, the question is..
your left brain, or your right brain?

some people said that righthanded person usually using their left brain more compared to their right brain and vice versa
is that true?

roughly, left brain lead us to think logically (usually things with sequences)
so, if one is left brain dominant, they are usually good in math and science
left-brain-dominant-person is also good in spelling (as what i've read la..)

right brain lead us to think creatively
for person with right brain dominant, they are usually very good in art
it is also said that right-brain-dominant-person tend to see things from different point of view (coz they are creative)

there are several things that can be measure to differentiate between right/left dominant hemisphere person
1. left dominant likes everything in sequences while right dislikes.
2. left dominant likes maths more than art while right vice versa.
3. left dominant thinks of small elements to build-up a big idea while right dominant often think of big idea to get the small elements.
(there still lots of things that can be measure tapi xingat la semua tu..)

i've done several brain test
and the result were:
three times i got right dominant (56% right-44% left)
and two times i got left dominant (56% left-43% rigth ~i don't know where the other 1% had gone or maybe i didn't used other 1% part of my brain)
and i have an iq in range of 126-130 (i've got 130 in the latest test that i've done)

due to the results,
i still have a question...
my right brain or left?
(btw i'm a lefthanded)


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