Sunday, November 29, 2009

being different


being different...

it just sometimes quite interesting
when others think this way
but you think it the other way round...

being differ from others....

it also feels nice- sometimes
because everyone care about you
everybody want to know about you...

being different....

it is quite lucky actually
it just because you are different
different are just amazing sometimes....

being differ from others is also hard
it is so hard till no words can describe it

being different is also pain
too much pain
until you cry, silently
and no one even noticed that you are in pain

just because you are different
they thought you are strong
they thought you can cope with it
they thought you are everything that they thought

but actually,
you are not that strong
sometimes you also cannot cope with certain issue
and absolutely you are not what they thought you are

you just a normal person
normal human being
normal homo sapiens
but it just you are a bit differ from others

being different is like cancer
it's killing you softly, slowly
and you even didn't realize that it is killing you
till it is giving you pain
till it is hard to cure
till it is critical
then you will realize it

being different is hard when others condemn you for what you think
it is also difficult when others force you to follow their rules
it is pain when they hurt you as they think that you are tough enough to bear it

it is hard
it is difficult
and it is pain

it makes you feel like you wanted to be someone else
someone that is just like others
without any difference
coz it end up you with no difficulties
no hardship and pain to endure
no sorrows and dejection
and you just can be yourself

being different is sometimes killing yourself
as well as it's killing your loved one
because they just cannot get through you
and the reason is you are being differ from others

being different doesn't mean you are tough enough
it doesn't mean you are happy enough
it doesn't indicate that you are facing gayness in your daily life
it doesn't mean that you are lucky enough

as well as them
you need everything that they need
but they tend to think that you aren't need it
it's just simply because
you are being differ from others.....

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